Location where you can follow Zach Rickenbach around the world. Location where you can follow Zach Rickenbach around the world.


Zach Rickenbach

Able to solve the most intractable business challenges with insight, research, strategy and creativity from past education and internships. Currently a marketing specialist at two startups in Silicon Valley, wearing a multiple of hats to help grow these new idea's.


Marketing Specialist in: Strategy, Web Development, Design, SEO, Lead Generator, Data Analysis & Social Media.


Outside the office I enjoy: Skiing, Biking, Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Surfing and being Outdoors.

Hobbies: Photography, Entrepreneurial Thinking, Reading, and Coffee.


Wylie Robinson, Co-Founder at Rumpl, says, "Zach is an extremely passionate and hard worker. He's never shied away from a task we've requested of him and always attacked each challenge with gusto. With an interest in business and personal growth well beyond his years, Zach will be an asset to any company."


Skilled in: Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier and DSLR cameras

Hands on experience in marketing strategy, optimization, and digital campaigns

Social media management

• Clear understanding on content that engages customers on social media platforms

SEO and analytics

Web and graphic design

Excellent in-group setting as team leader and/or player, motivator, and problem solver



San Francisco State University (2014-2015)

Bachelor Of Business Administration (BS), Business Marketing


Santa Barbara City College (2011-2013)

Associates degree, Marketing





Marketing Intern (August 2015-November 2015)

Brought on to lead marketing for launch of SmarterMe

  • Content Producer: Website, Blog, Tip Videos, Social Media
  • Lead Generated Twitter Growth: Impression 153.9% & Visits 170.9%
  • API Strategies/Optimization: Top 15 on 7 keywords
  • Email Design/Strategy: Average Open rate of 50%
  • Generate Customer Awareness about SmarterMe App with Tip Videos: Email and Website
  • Launch SmarterMe Website: Content, Images, Review


Zach Rickenbach Photography

Part Time Photographer(March 2010 - Present)

  • Portraits, Landscape, and Action
  • Developed website (Click Here)
  • SEO
  • Marketing to promote my work
  • Blog



Marketing Intern (May 2014 - December 2014)

Generated social media presence for launch of product

  • Lead generated 7 partnerships
  • Social Media Growth: Instagram 275% & Facebook 122%
  • Data Analytics for future planning


Arcade Belts Co.

Marketing Intern (December 2013 - August 2014)

Brought on to help grow Arcade marketing

  • Analytical data on brand image
  • Content Marketing: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Analytical sales data on current sales
  • Growth implantation of 50 sales reps
  • Photographer/Assistant



Marketing Strategic Planning Intern (January 2014 - June 2015)

Help initiate better web presence/marketing strategy

  • Implanted blog for revenue growth
  • Upgraded SEO and Website
  • Established marketing plans


Squaw Valley Ski Resort Part Time Ski Coach

Future Legend Photographer (December 2013-April 2015)

  • Lead photographer for Future Legend campaign
  • Produce array of images that suited marketing objective


Part Time Ski Coach

Squaw Valley Ski Team (December 2011 - February 2015)

  • Developing basic skiing skills
  • Leading & Controlling 15-30 kids
  • Organizing drills
  • Course prep
  • Creating a fun experience

Work Samples:

* Please email if interested in Work Samples *


SmarterMe Work:

  • Was brought on to lead marketing for launch of SmarterMe. To see samples of work, please click on link.
  • Link


Uber's Ethical Problems

  • This article is to inform readers on new legal/ethical issue with the sharing economy. We addressed the gray area's with UberX peer to peer aspect.


Inventory/Store Management Efficiency Example

  • The goal of this project, was to create a Information System Program that would help a business be more efficient.


Rumpl: Marketing Situational Analysis

  • This project consisted of a situational analysis of Rumpl’s current brand and market. This analysis was created to help Rumpl move forward after my internship.


Creative Brief: Beats' By Dre

  • Analysis of Beats' By Dre current marketing campaign's and future problems they may face. Project goal's were to present classroom a creative brief on proposed advertising campaigns Beats' By Dre may have over look or not seen.
  • Link To Presentation


 The American Grill Cheese Kitchen: Google AdWord Campaign

  • The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen has very little Online advertising apart from social media channels and website. Our AdWords campaign will address the lack of traffic to the site and allow the company to grow Online, which is already a large part of their overall sales, due to catering.


GoPro Report: Driving Value

  • The goal of this paper is to propose a strategy to help GoPro achieve its corporate objectives.
  • I First develop my own hunch (based on publicly available data) regarding what GoPro ’s current strategy is, and I will then propose ideas to help GoPro maximize value.

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